Navajo Grey Indoor/Outdoor Fuzzy Boot Slipper With Phone Pocket Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


I received a pair of Navajo Grey Indoor/Outdoor Fuzzy Boot Slipper With Phone Pocket from MinxNY. They were just so cute! The slippers looked really warm, I loved the soles of the slippers because they could be for indoor or outdoor wear. I loved the fur inside and out on the slippers and it also offered a pocket for your cell phone! I was hoping I would have a chance to try them out shortly.

I had such a crazy busy day the day the slippers arrived. I had to go grocery shopping, do 7 loads of laundry, run to my son’s school because he broke out in hives from an allergy reaction, take my other son to tutoring, make dinner, do homework with the kids and other things. I still had so much to do on my “Mom chore list” and my feet were just hurting and begging me to get off them.

Well, at this point my shoes were killing me and I knew it I still had a lot of things that I needed to do. So I grabbed the Navajo Grey Indoor/Outdoor Fuzzy Boot Slipper With Phone Pocket and put them on. OMG! My feet felt better within minutes of putting them on. I was ready for my second wind and ready to be on the go again. I could walk again without my feet screaming at me. I started to tackle more on my list and I still felt like I could keep going on. I finally sat down at about 10pm and called it a night with my list.


The Navajo Grey Indoor/Outdoor Fuzzy Boot Slipper really saved my feet! They keep my feet warm, can hold my phone while I’m doing things around the house, the comfort of the slipper was great. I have some happy feet no matter if I have a lot on my “Mom’s to do list” or I just want to relax, curl up, and hang out with my children. I love how soft the micro-suede & fluff exterior is. The style is so perfect for so many women, if your looking for comfort your going to love these slippers! If you work in an office bring them to work to wear while sitting at your desk so your comfortable and productive.


MinxNY has many great styles to choose from for women and kids slippers. They also offer socks and gloves for men, women and children as well. You will not want to forget to check out their hats and scarves for women as well. There is something that everyone in your family will love. If their is someone on your gift list that is hard to shop for you will find the perfect gift at MinxNY. Head over to get your feet some wonderful comfort that they will thank you for!

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