Get Money Back For All Your Cyber Monday Shopping Purchases!


That’s right, today you can get double your money back on select purchases, and still earn cash back for all your Cyber Monday purchases! Who doesn’t love getting money back while saving on your holiday gifts? Ebates is helping holiday shoppers get double your cash back on your holiday purchases for the next 13 hours! You can choose the store you would like to shop at and you can earn up to 15% to 20% back at some of your favorite stores! They are doubling the amount that you normally get back to help you save even more on the great deals that are out there for Cyber Monday for everyone on your gift giving list.

It’s also so easy to use! You just put the store in the search bar that your looking for and choose the sale item or the percentage off that you would like. It will then take you to the product or store and you can make your purchases. Then when you go into your Ebates account it will show you just how much cash back you will be receiving and if your new to Ebates you will also recedive a gift card once you make your first purchases that are $25 or more! The savings is real! I have received a number of checks each year from my shopping purchases. I have been using Ebates for several years and love getting money back on the things that I purchase.

I love knowing that I’m going to be getting some of my cash back on my purchases. So I use it for the holidays, back to school shopping, large purchases like appliances, and all my other purchases as well because who doesn’t want to get some of their money back for items you buy??? It’s the best way to shop and when the check comes it’s a bonus! I have started to put the Ebates Checks in an account to pay for our family vacation because it’s what I consider “found money” I expected the amount of the purchase to come out of my account. So I don’t miss that amount being gone, so the checks go right into our vacation fund. Hello Sunshine, warm beach, and family fun!

Let your money work for you, and save for your child’s college fund, take a family vacation, or something that you have been wanting to purchase but you have been putting it off. Ebates is free to join as well, so it doesn’t get any easier then that! Let the savings begin, join Ebates and start making your holiday purchases and save even more money! It’s so simple to use, so even if your not very tech savvy you can still make your purchases on Ebates easily. There is no down size to using Ebates so what have you been waiting for? There are over 2,200 stores that you can shop through to make all your purchases to save on everything you buy, including Amazon, Ebay, and all your favorite stores!

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