Max Tow Truck Cliff Climber Vehicle Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


Max Tow Truck Cliff Climber is going to be a huge hit this holiday season. Max can tow up to 100 lbs, climb obstacles, and the massive fun that your child will have with him. It’s going to be a rough and tumble ride and hours of fun!

My son went just crazy over Max Tow Truck Cliff Climber. He was so excited to see how much it would pull and how much fun he would have. He got it out of the box and he was so excited to start playing with it. He hooked it up to a chair and started Max up and Max pulled the chair. He was so amazed that the chair was actually moving. He was hooking Max up to other items around the house and pulling them as well because he wanted to see how much Max would pull. He was having a blast, then he was pulling some of his other toy trucks because they broke down and needed some help.

He was taking Max on so many different adventures. We had gotten some snow so he wanted to see how Max would do in the snow. So he took Max outside and had Max going over snow hills and he was so excited that Max was able to handle anything that he threw at it. They were having so much fun. He brought it back in the house and they were back having fun again. He was having so much fun with Max. He went to school the next day telling all his friends about the fun he had with Max Tow Truck Cliff Climber. So of course he wanted them to see it so I had to bring it to school for him to show his friends.

His friends were just loving Max as much as my son did. They were having so much fun on the playground with Max. So all the parents were asking where they could get Max Tow Truck Cliff Climber for their children. I told them that Max Tow Truck Cliff Climber is available at K-mart, Toys R Us, Walmart, and Amazon.The kids were just having a blast with Max Tow Truck Cliff Climber. They all took turns with Max and tried different adventures with him. It was so funny to watch them all come up with new things that Max had to pull or do. They didn’t want the fun to end but it was cold outside and everyone had to go. I have a feeling it went on every boys Christmas list and some of the girls as well.

The kids were asking if we could play again soon, it was just so cute! They were just not wanting the fun to end. When we got back home, my son’s were having a great time. They played all the way till dinner time and then we ate and they were back at it again. They just couldn’t get enough of Max Tow Truck Cliff Climber. It would make a great gift for birthdays, Christmas or just for them to play with.

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