Make your own Watering System for your Garden for $20!

You can water your garden by conserving Rain Water to use to water your plants. When prices are going up all the time for everything, why raise your bills even more! You can water your garden or lawn with ease and do it all with rain water. Rain Barrels normally run $100 to $300. You can make one for more then likely under $20 (This doesn’t include the cost of the hose)! You can get a plastic garbage at Family Dollar for about $8 and the other parts at your local hardware store for $12 or less. It would cost you way more on your water bill to water your garden and lawn for the season then to make a Rain Barrel!

You can make your own Garbage Can Rain Barrel with spigot. This will help you to water your lawn and your garden without raising your bills. I would suggest making sure that you get it where you want it before the rain starts! Once it’s half full, it’s going to be staying in that spot for a while! I will be making one of these to water my gardens and my lawn so that it’s not raising my bills.

Here’s what you should know about creating and maintaining a rainwater collection system.

• Prevent debris and insects by screening all rain barrel openings. Add a bit of oil or soap to the barrel to make the water surface unsuitable for mosquitoes to lay eggs.

• Reduce rainwater’s mild acidity with 1 teaspoon baking soda per 100 gallons of water.

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