Magic Mee Mee’s Sweetsland Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


The Magic Mee Mee’s are new and all the rave I heard at the Toy And Game Fair that I attended. It was so wonderful meeting up with Jennifer at the Future Of Play booth. There were children flocking to the booth so of course we had to see what was so interesting there. The kids were busy playing and when we looked over they were looking at the different MagicMeeMees Singles, MagicMeeMees Playset Holidayland, and the MagicMeeMees Playset Sweetsland and other great Magic MeeMees sets.

I watched the kids play with the different Magic MeeMees and I didn’t even realize that I was smiling watching their little faces and their eyes get big as the Magic MeeMees moved towards each other and started chatting to each other and they were making friends with each other. It was so cute the way they just gravitated towards each other. The minute you pushed their buttons they were chatting and moving to find each other. You could even put them in your pocket and have a friend with one in their pocket and they would still try to get to each other. They were so adorable!


Then when you add in the sweet treats that they love to eat, they just make some cute noises. The Magic Mee Mees just love their foods. The food that everyone no matter if your vegan, Jewish, gluten free, or any other food allergies or diet needs comes down to they all love their Pizza! So they go nuts over pizza slices but there are so many different foods that you can have them eat and that they love. You can purchase the different MagicMeeMees 5 Pack Yummee Surprise food packs. So that they will have more foods to eat.

The MagicMeeMees Playset Sweetsland, MagicMeeMees Playset Holidayland and other great sets that they offer are a fun place for the Magic Mee Mees to play. They just love to play with all their little friends there and come together for a fun time. The children at the Toy and Game Fair just loved playing with the different playsets with the Magic Mee Mees as well. The children decided that one of their favorite playsets was the Sweetlands, I had to agree with them, what is not to love about all those sweets and the Magic Mee Mees playing around there.

The children were just having so much fun that I couldn’t wait to get home and play with them with my granddaughter’s. Who also agreed with the other children at the Toy and Game Fair they really loved playing with the MagicMeeMees Playset Holidayland and the MagicMeeMees Playset Sweetsland sets. They had so much fun. When they decided to play with the Magic Mee Mees, they just loved the way they would move close to each other. They were playing and having a great time. They were having so much fun, they were loving the way they played together and when I had them put them in their pocket they were laughing at the way they were trying to get to each other to be friends. The girls were just giggling and giggling. We have just had so much fun with the Magic Mee Mees. They will make a great gift for the holidays or birthday.

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