MagBag Review Keep Your Jewelry Safe And Protected At Home Or While You Travel


I received the MagBag to review. I can say that I was intrigued with the concept of a bag that would keep your jewelry in one place without it sliding around when your traveling or keep it in place when you have children as well.

Let’s face it, we all have children that love to play dress up and go right for mommy’s jewelry! They want to play and be just like Mommy and dress up and be little beauties as well. My daughters were always in my jewelry and I wish I had a MagBag at the time! I can’t tell you how many necklaces and bracelets that they lost from wanting to play dress up. I really cringe to think about how much they lost.

When your traveling, necklaces get tangled, broken, and are just a hot mess! So before you can wear them you have to untangle them and get them back to normal. Your earrings and bracelets get lost and thrown around in your luggage. Traveling with Jewelry can be difficult, you get frustrated and pray that your jewelry will make it back home again in one piece.


If you owned a MagBag, you would be able to keep your jewelry safe and sound in any situation. Traveling would be a breeze and you will not have to untangle any of your jewelry, worry about it getting lost, or being damaged while traveling. It’s a great way to keep your children out of your jewelry as well. You can keep your expensive jewelry out of their hands by putting it into the MagBag where it will be safe and sound. Your children will not even realize what the MagBag is and if they do they won’t be able to get it open to play with your jewelry!

This sleek MagBag is the perfect size to keep your jewelry in. You will love the inside of the bag as it’s magnetic so it keeps your jewelry in place so it will not slide around. Once you have placed your jewelry inside, then close the magnetic case and zip it up. You can place it on a high shelf or in your luggage to travel with. Your going to love this bag, you can also put your make-up in the bag as well and keep your luggage nice and neat and know where everything is the minute you need it. If your looking for a great gift for the holidays or birthday it would be the perfect gift for any woman on your list.

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