Make Lunches Fun For Back To School With Funbites Review


Do your children always want fun lunches for back to school? Do they get board with the same thing and the normal lunches? My son always wants something new, he puts in requests and of course wants homemade lunchables. I have to say homemade lunchables can take some time to make up so I usually dread them. He also doesn’t like the crust on his sandwich, he is rather picky about what he would and wouldn’t like in his lunch. I’m sure he is not alone and their are other children that feel the same way.

I received the Green Square Funbites to review. I have been having a great time making the kids fun lunches that they want to eat. Homemade lunchables just got a lot easier! My son can have a fun sandwich, lunchables, fruit, cheese bites, and anything else he would like as it will be so much easier. I just love how easy the Funbites cutter was and that my son’s have not complained at all but love eating things I make for them.

I also plan to make fruit kabobs for my daughter’s baby shower with the Funbites Green Square as well. They are just going to be adorable! as well as some other goodies that will make her shower different then others that people attending will have had. The possibilities are endless holiday dishes that you can use the Funbites on for mini brownies, fruit, cake, cheese and sausage trays, and so many other goodies for your holiday. There are so many different ways you could use the Funbites and I love that they come in a variety of shapes so that you can use different ones to make your dishes look amazing!

Funbites are so easy to use, you just put the fruit out on a plate and then push down on the funbites and it will cut the fruit into the shape that you are using. You can use a block of cheese and just push down and it will make adorable cheese cubes for your cheese trays. There are endless possibilities of what you could create with the funbites. Just let your imagination go and you will find all the great things you can make for your family. Not to mention if you have guests that show up without calling first you can have snacks in minutes and they will think you slaved in the kitchen! There is no need to panic when you have funbites within your reach and a few ingredients.

Your going to love having funbites in your kitchen and making your life so much easier. It’s also easy enough for the kids to help you in the kitchen with ease when using the funbites, they will love helping to make their own lunch! It’s the perfect tool for the kitchen for the whole family.

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