Do You Love To Write? Why Not Self Publish Your Own Book #WriteABook

Do you love to write? Do you write Poetry, children’s stories, recipes that are your own or other stories that everyone says are great? Are you looking to make extra money from home as well to help give your budget a boost? Why not put your talents to work and write your own story, Poems, recipes or anything that you love and self publish them. It’s a great way to make extra money from home and get your writing out there for others to enjoy. It’s really easy to do and it could also get you published by a publishing house as well.

If you were not aware you can self publish your own book on Turn your writing into an ebook to sell on, there are so many topics to choose from. Then just promote your book and you could be making a boost in your budget. It’s free to use CreateSpace to write and publish your ebook. There are many others that you can use as well that are free to write your book on. Happy writing!

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