Love Monster And The Perfect Present Book Review

Love Monster

I received the “Love Monster and the Perfect Present” book written by Rachel Bright to review with my children. She has also wrote Love Monster and Love Monster and the Last Chocolate that you may have read with your children. These titles may be familiar to you and your children or they may not. My children had not read any of the Love Monster books so we read them for the first time when the book arrived.

When I opened the box my son and granddaughter were so excited that they received a new book that they wanted to read it right away. I was busy making dinner so I explained to them that they would have to wait a little while then we would read the book. So every 5 minutes I would hear…..”Is it time to read the book now???”. lol So we ate dinner and then I read them “Love Monster And The Perfect Present”.

The Love Monster is just adorable, it’s going to be “Present Day” and he needs a gift for his friend to show him how special he is to Love Monster. So he heads to the store, but everything is out of his budget. He is so upset that “Present Day” is only one day away and he hasn’t gotten his friend a gift. He gets an idea to make his friend a gift for “Present Day” and he has everything he needs to make it. He stays up all night to make the gift to give to his friend. He loves the present he made and so does his friend that received it. The moral of the story is that you don’t have to spend a lot to have the perfect gift. That something you make can be the perfect gift and not cost a lot of money, that it’s the thought that counts and how much of you that you put into the gift.

It’s a beautifully illustrated book, that has a wonderful message for children. That you don’t have to give an expensive gift for it to be a special gift. I thought it was the perfect message to send about the holidays as well to children. My son and granddaughter just loved the book and have had me read it to them several more times for bedtime. Your children will love it as well. The book is just adorable! We are going to have to purchase the other “Love Monster” books so that we can read them as well.

Disclosure: We received the “Love Monster and the Perfect Present Book to review, all opinions of the book were my children, grandchildren and myself.

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