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Lightseeker Mari

I received the Lightseekers Starter Pack Mari and the Lightseekers Starter Pack Tyrax to review with my son’s. Mine son’s were pretty excited since they had not heard of the Lightseekers Starter Packs and they wanted to try them out.

My son’s opened the boxes, and they were just so excited to see what came in the starter box. They loved the looks of the characters Mari and Tyrax. They both charged up their characters so that they were ready to play. It really didn’t take long to charge them at all. Then we downloaded the app for the game so they could play it. I loved that you do not need a game console to play the games. You can download the app for Apple iOS7 or higher, Android 4.3+, and Amazon FireOS 4+. It was very easy to set up and the boys were able to actually set it up themselves on their tablets.

Once that the game was set up they put all the pieces and cards by them so that they were close and handy for the game. They started to play and were thrilled with how they put the fusion core into the characters and they showed up on the screen of the game. I have to say that I was really impressed with it as well since it was the first time I had seen a game do that. They started to play and I watched them both playing we were laughing and having a great time with the starter packs. They scanned in their cards and opened new adventures in the game as well and you can share with friends as well.

lightseeker Nitro

The boys started to play while I made dinner and when dinner was finished I called them to come and eat. I have to say they put up a fuss at first because they thought they would lose the places in their games. Then when I told them that it would save their place in the game they were ready for dinner. lol However, right after dinner they were back to playing Lightseekers again. I even tried it and I’m not much for video games of any kind but I really liked playing the Lightseekers and think that the characters are really fun and the game had me wanting to play more. So once the boys went to bed, I have to admit that I grabbed their tablets and their Starter kits and started to play myself. It was purely to see how the game worked, Yep, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. It was just a coincidence that I did that for several nights in a row. lol

I can tell you that Lightseekers will be a huge hit with kids this holiday season! They will love to play and you will love that you can play anywhere they have internet. The Lightseeker would also make a great birthday gift as well.

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