LightInTheBox 400LM Mini HD Home LED Projector $62.52 Normally $147.41

light in the box entertainment projector

There is a great deal on the LightInTheBox┬« 400LM Mini HD Home LED Projector HDMI Mini Home Theater Video Movie Projectors for only $62.52 plus $4.99 shipping normally $69.99. It’s perfect for home video playing, personal meeting to projecting files, outdoor movie projecting for family fun. It’s light weight and can be taken with you to a friends house to watch movies or play games with.

It’s perfect for the whole family to use and you will get plenty of use from it. You can also hook up your laptop to the projector and watch movies that way as well. There are so many different uses that you will always be using it and for the price it’s great for your budget and would make a great family gift.

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