Learn To Read Or Improve Your Child’s Reading With Learning With Homer Review #HelpKidsRead #KidsReading

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Learning With Homer is a website that can help teach children to read or help them improve their reading skills. It can also be used as an app as well so that Homer can help your child with their reading. Homer is full of wonderful graphics, stories, drawings that your child can color, Worksheets, and other ways that your child can learn even more. Your child or children will learn in a fun way that will help them grasp letters, letter sounds, read fun books and so much more. You will receive 50% off of your yearly membership as well as a free Homer holiday book for you to gift to your child when you order this holiday season!

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Parents you will love that Homer allows you to track their progress on how they are doing while they use the program. You can also select the unit that you would like to have them work on with Homer as well. Which I love! If they have mastered certain areas but need help in others you can choose those areas to help them. They will improve on the areas that they need to and learn to read better and go up levels at school with their reading. They can also make drawings to keep in their Gallery so you can view them and they can as well. They can take a little break from reading and draw some fun pictures.

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Homer also offers storytime stories, Educational areas like Discover the world, and it also teaches Rhymes and music as well. There is a lot of educational information packed into this website and app as well. They can learn so much from Learn With Homer! It would be great to watch your child learn to read or improve their reading skills. If they are having a hard time with any part of reading your going to just love Learning With Homer. You will love the increase in their reading skills!

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