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If your like me you DREAD laundry day or in our case days! There never seems to be a time I am caught up on laundry. Well, no that’s not true, I’m usually caught up for about 30 minutes to an hour usually then it starts to pile up again. If my kids are sick you can just forget it, that washing machine is going ALL the time! They also love to wait till I have caught up and then everyone goes to take showers so that BAM! I have two loads of laundry again! So it’s a never ending battle for me to try to keep up with everything. Not to mention that doing laundry is not one of my favorite chores to begin with, so there is that as well.

One of the main features that I fell in love with on the LG Twin Wash System is that you can wash very small loads that just can’t wait. How many times have you needed this feature where you could wash something quickly because you needed to head out the door. You can throw in one shirt, your child’s sports uniform or anything else that you need washed quickly in the sidekick Pedestal washer and have it clean in now time without wasting a ton of water, laundry soap, and time. You can make it to your appointments on time, clean a shirt that you spilled on before it sets into the fabric, it will make your life so much easier! As parents we are always on the go, busy with our families needs, trying to keep up with everything and sometimes things slip through the crack. I try not to have it happen to often but it does happen. So you can still get everyone ready to go while washing and drying, have them change quickly and your ready for anything the day brings on. Not to mention if you have a large load and a small load of laundry you can wash them at the same time! Talk about getting your laundry done faster! Who wouldn’t love that!

The LG Twin Wash System also features six distinct washing cycles normal, intimates, hand wash, active wear, rise + spin and tub clean. So you can wash your intimates in the pedestal instead of the regular washer to keep them looking beautiful. Wash your other clothing in the large loads and they will come out perfect and clean. Have you had to go to the laundromat to wash your comforters? It’s now a trip of the past a King Size comforter into your LG Twin Washing System and wash your pillow cases in the pedestal at the same time! It’s really going to cut your Spring cleaning time in half! Imagine how fast you can get your cleaning done so you and your family can do fun things together instead of being stuck cleaning for hours and hours.

Now if that’s not enough, your really going to love that you also can receive up to $500 off a LG laundry solution for your home from 1/11-4/25! It’s going to be a great addition to your home! The deal of up to $500 couldn’t come at a better time with it being tax season as well! So you can use a little of your tax return to make your life simpler and save at the same time. Just think of all the family fun and outings you can have when you have the house clean and nothing left to do!

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. However, all opinions are those of my family or myself in this post.

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