Kmart: Earn Gas Rewards

You can get gas rewards from K-mart right now. I’m not sure how long this program will last but you can receive up to $.60 off up to 20 gallons of gas. It’s easy to get the Gas rewards, and then use them at your local Speedway gas station. I’m not sure if the gas rewards are available in all areas but you can check with your local Kmart to see if it is and which gas station that you would need to use your gas rewards at.

You will receive $.10 gas rewards per prescription that you fill at your K-mart Pharmacy. Then for each additional prescription you will receive another $.10 each. 1 prescription is $.10 and 6 prescriptions are $.60 per gallon. You have a couple of weeks to use your gas rewards, you just pump your gas and bring in your coupon and Speedy Rewards card in when you pay and the Gas rewards are given to you. It’s that easy.

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8 Responses to Kmart: Earn Gas Rewards

  1. Judy Robart says:

    Where is there any information on how you can receive gas points. I thought you got points on gas when you spend 50 dollars or more . Not it depends what you buy. I will spend my money else where to get gas points.

    • frugaldivafrenzy says:

      This was to let you know that you could also receive gas points when you purchase your prescriptions from K-mart. This is just BESIDES their other ways that you can earn gas points. Many do not realize that you can receive points for prescriptions so it is just to let them know it’s another avenue to save on gas.

  2. Judy Robart says:

    You did not answer my question. What do I have to buy to gas points?

  3. b hall says:

    I bought over $50 worth of patio items and shirts and got a gas reward slip (30 cents off, not 60) for bp gas.

  4. shirley says:

    where can you redeem your coupon at bp I tried in Seekonk they said they don’t take it, so where can I go I received my coupon at the south attl,ma store

    • frugaldivafrenzy says:

      Shirley, Ours are taken at Speedway gas stations but I think it is different in different states. BP is not one of the gas stations that takes the K-mart gas rewards as far as I know. You can ask your K-mart and they will be able to tell you where you can use it and it usually is printed on the coupon as well.

  5. gary says:


    • frugaldivafrenzy says:

      Hello Gary,

      You do not need to put the number on the receipt into anywhere. You will receive a coupon print out from the register for so much off a gas, you then take that coupon to participating gas stations to redeem to get deals on your gas. You shouldn’t enter in any 16 digit number.

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