Karma Kitty Review

Karma Kitty

Karma Kitty is so cute and adorable, but Karma Kitty is so much more then you expect as well. I think Karma Kitty will be a huge hit this year with girls or boys! My son’s and my granddaughter’s just loved Karma kitty and playing with it.

Karma Kitty has different faces that she makes as you talk to it. It also offers 3 modes Kitty Talk, Crystal Ball and M.A.S.H. mode. You can ask Karma Kitty questions and she will look into her crystal ball and answer them. You can ask questions like “Will the boy you like, like you back?” , “Will you get an A on the test that you took today” , “What Color should you paint your room” or any other pressing questions that you have. Karma Kitty also makes adorable Kitty talk that will have you purring and wanting to cuddle it! I just fell in love with the Kitty talk and the oh so cute faces that she makes while she is talking. The expressions are just too cute and you won’t be able to resist Karma Kitty.

I also love that Karma Kitty comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from as well. She also has a M.A.S.H mode where she will tell interactive stories that your child can take part in. She has so many fun things that she does that they will just love it. My Granddaughter’s are just in love with her and want to take her everywhere and show their friends who also instantly fall in love with her as well and want to get a glimpse into her crystal ball as well. Karma Kitty will be fun to play with for one child or a couple of children. She is perfect for a sleep over as well, the kids will have a lot of fun asking her questions! Make sure Karma Kitty is on your Christmas shopping list this year, she will make a great gift!

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