Kajamaz Adult Fleece Pajamas Review #Pajamas #WarmPajamas


I received a pair of Kajamaz Pajamas to review for myself. Now, living in Wisconsin, it gets very cold, this is suppose to be one of our coldest winters and it’s suppose to be starting tomorrow. The temp outside is going to be dropping, which it’s early even for Wisconsin.

When the Kajamaz Pajamas arrived they were just adorable! I loved the fleece design from inside the package, when I pulled them out of the package, I was amazed at how soft the fleece was. I couldn’t wait to try them on and see how they fit. They were perfect, warm, soft, comfortable, and I’m ready for those cold Wisconsin nights! I have to say I’m not usually one that is a fan of footed pajamas but these are not to tight around my ankles which is normally a problem with footed pajamas, they do not rub, or squeeze. The Kajamaz also offer a drop seat so that you can continue to stay warm even when nature calls.

They would be perfect for those cold nights or if your like me, my fleece Pajamas are the first thing I grab for when I’m sick and I have the chills. The Kajamaz are going to be used all the time! I just love them! If your in a cold area, or are just waiting for that next flu bug, your going to love Kajamaz too! Even when I washed the Kajamaz they remained so soft and didn’t pill on the fleece. Kajamaz are now my new favorite Pajamaz, sorry Winnie the Pooh Bear there are a new pair of pajama’s in my life. Yes, I have a favorite pair of Winnie the Pooh Fleece Pajamas that were my go to but they are going to have to move over for Kajamaz! Your going to have to have your favorite pajama’s move over for Kajamaz as well as soon as you feel them and wear them. Your going to love being comfy and cozy in your Kajamaz.

*Disclosure* I received a pair of Kajamaz pajamas to review, all opinions are mine and my oh so warm toes!

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4 Responses to Kajamaz Adult Fleece Pajamas Review #Pajamas #WarmPajamas

  1. Stephanie O'Day says:

    These PJs look super comfy!! I want a pair for myself!

    • A Mom's Paradise says:

      They are Stephanie, they are perfect for the winter. My mom has taken over mine, so I’m going to have to order myself another pair. They are a nice thick pair, not the thin, and super comfy as well.

  2. Pauline says:

    How generous are the sizings?

    • A Mom's Paradise says:

      The sizes run normal, the small is a small, and so on. So you can order the size that you normally wear and it will fit. You will just love these PJ’s, they are my FAVORITE! It’s cold here in the winter, we get to -50 degrees and they keep me warm. I’m going to be ordering more of them. The fleece is so soft and even after you wash them several times it never pills or gets scratchy. They do have a measuring chart on the website as well so that it will help you to choose the correct size.

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