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Jordan use to be a happy, loving, adventurous young man, now he is wishing for more time with his loved ones and for his wish to come true. 2 years ago Jordan was in a near fatal accident that turned his life upside down. He learned that he has Acute Myeloid Leukemia, he has been going through treatments for his Leukemia. It has been a rough time for Jordan and his wife Katie, as well as their two daughter’s. They have two beautiful daughter’s together Payton and Alivia. The treatments have stopped working for Jordan and the Dr’s are making him comfortable at this time and have given him two weeks to live. We do not have a time stamp on our bodies that give us the time and date of when we will pass but time is slipping away from this family.

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Jordan loves the Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, and the White Sox, as you can see he wears a lot of the Chicago Bears gear to show his team spirit. Jordan and his wife even named their daughter Payton after Walter Payton, one of his favorite Chicago Bears Players. His favorite players for the Chicago bears are Walter Payton, Brian Urlacher, and many other Chicago Bears players. Jordan’s favorite Chicago Bulls Players are Michael Jordan and Derrick Rose as well as many other players. He loves his sports and his wish is to meet some players before he passes. Since he is now 22 years old he does not qualify for Make-A-Wish, however, since he is in the Chicago area in the hospital we are hoping that the players will find it in their hearts to pay Jordan a visit to make his final wish come true. So they can give the family a special moment that they will always remember.

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Jordan and his family have gone through a lot with his treatments, his care, the car accident, and the bills are piling up quickly. A friend of the family has started Jordan’s Legacy Go Fund Me Page to help with medical and funeral expenses for Jordan. Jordan still continues to smile on, and keeps fighting this horrible disease, he is growing tired from fighting so hard. Family and friends are spending all the time they can with Jordan at this time, as they want to be close to him as they can while they can. You can follow Jordan’s journey on Twitter at Jordan’s Wish and on facebook at Jordan’s Wish. Please keep all comments on these pages positive as the family has enough going on without negative comments from strangers.

Jordan’s wish means a lot to him as well as to his family and friends to have come true. I am happy to share his location and how the Chicago Bears players can visit him. You can feel free to email me and I will get you all the needed info to help make Jordan’s wish come true for him and his family. We are asking that all of A Mom’s Paradise Readers share this post and retweet it to help make Jordan’s wish come true.

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