Jillian Michaels: Free 7 Days Weight Loss Program, I’m Loving My Workouts

I just joined the Jillian Michaels: Free 7 Days Weight Loss Program and I have to say that I’m loving it.

I took off of my workout yesterday due to being sick but today I’m feeling better so this morning I had a great workout. I actually think the workout is helping to get me to get rid of the cold as well (Sweating it out). I love the meal choices as well. There is a great variety and they do take into consideration the allergies that you have food wise as well. I pumped up the music this morning and got my workout on and I’m feeling much better after my workout.

You also get to take off two days a week from my workout. However, I still chose to do the meals because they are really good and I love they give you the shopping list to get the meals from the store or you can choose going out to eat! If your looking for a fun workout that offers you great meal choices, and your not losing out on all the things that you love then Jillian Michaels workout is for you. You don’t miss out on a thing while on the program and they keep you motivated. When I didn’t do my workout yesterday I received an email. We miss you, I opened it up and there was a great motivational message inside. So I logged in and switched my workout days around so that I was off yesterday and then will work out on Friday the day I normally have off. 🙂

It’s a fun, motivational workout and you can even get a workout buddy so you can workout together. They also have a dietician that you can work with as well if you have a special diet that you need. There are so many perks to this workout program. Plus for $4 a week after the trial you can get a great workout at home. I’m loving it and I know your going to as well. Head over to get your workout on, and start having fun.

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