JC Penny $10 off $10 purchase PLUS 4 Hour Steals, 3% Cash back on 9/25

9/25 is Jc Penny’s 4 Hour Steals. You can use your $10 off $10 purchase and get $4.99 shipping as well. So here are the deals that I am seeing.

Avia, LA Gear & More Shoes for Him and Her- $29.99
-$10 off
Final Price=$19.99

Home Expressions 100% Cotton Towels- $3.33 (purchase 4)
$13.32 for 4 towels
-$10 code
Final Price= $3.32

Okie Dokie Mix & Match Seperates-$3.99 (Purchase 3)
$11.97 for 3 Okie Dokie Kids Mix and Match Seperates
-10 off code
Final price= $1.97 for 3 items

Kids Arizona Tops & Bottoms-$10.99 (find item for $10.99)
-$10 code
Final price=$.99

Griddle with Drawer-$29.99
-$10 off code
Final Price=$19.99

Philippe Richard 3 piece Skillet Set or 2 pc Grill and Griddle set- $14.99
-$10 off code
Final Price=$4.99 GREAT Christmas gift!

Pure Perfection Bath Rug-$11.99
-$10 off code
Final price-$1.99

Twin 300 TC JCP Home Ease Care Sheet Set- $14.99
-$10 off code
Final Price-$4.99

Twin Microfiber Sheet Set-$12.99
-$10 code
Final Price-$2.99

Cooks Slow Cooker, Toaster Oven, 3 in 1 grill, Sunbeam 4 slice toaster-$19.99
-$10 off code
Final Price=$9.99

These are just some of the deals that they are offering there are a LOT of clothes that you can purchase and get them for around $1.99! Use the coupon code GO4TEN or LIZ4YOU at checkout to get the $10 off your total order. The shipping is $4.99! Which is a GREAT deal for a lot of the items, these deals can only be purchased online to get the prices listed.

PLUS When you shop through Ebates you will get 3% cash back on your purchase! If your a new member you will also get a $5 credit when you sign up!

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