Jaws Product Review and Giveaway of 4 pack of Jaws Cleaning Products Ends 3/4

I was offered the chance to review Get JAWS Just Add Water System. I jumped at the chance because I’m always looking for a more ECO friendly cleaner as well as non-toxic. Since I have 3 children and a Furbaby, having non-toxic is really important to me. I have been looking for more Eco-Friendly products for cleaning as well. So I was really excited about getting JAWS Just Add Water System to try and see how it worked.

I received my box yesterday, and I have to say I was really intrigued when I opened it. I pulled out the 4 bottles to examine. Seeing they each had 2 cartridges in a holder attached to the bottle it really got my attention. I was wondering how hard it was going to be to use. However, I got started and put it together, I filled the bottles with water to the mark indicated and put the cartridge and the spray top on and just like “Magic” the kids and I watched the water color change in each bottle! Then I opened them to check the scent. Each had a really pleasant scent to them.

So it was time to put them to the test! So I headed to our bathroom which is always a mess! My 4 year old thinks that Tooth paste is not only good for your teeth but to decorate with! UGH! So I sprayed the JAWS bathroom/Disinfectant on the sink and it was easy to remove the dried tooth paste that he had just had fun with! The sink was sparkling and the scent was wonderful and smelled clean. I then went to the boys bedroom and used the Glass cleaner on the T.v. Screen that had a million and one finger prints. It was one spray and the finger prints were gone! The screen was sparkling. The boys were just amazed so they wanted in on the action! So I gave them the bottle and let them clean the Living room T.V. I think they are going to want to be helping Mom clean more often and usually they won’t ask to help with spray anything! They were having a great time. They took turns cleaning different items with the different cleaners! I think thanks to JAWS Just Add Water System I have some new Lean Mean cleaning helpers! They loved having the Cleaning Music going and having their own Bottles to use to clean with. If they get to spray something they are now in love with it! It was so cute with them dancing around and spinning then spraying and cleaning.

It was so easy to use, so easy to put together so I figured okay there HAS to be a catch with the price. So I ventured over to JAWS Just Add Water System online store and Saw that the 4 pack of Cleaners is only $19.99 plus shipping! Then the refills were for a 2 pack refill only $3.69-$4.79 which makes 2 bottles of cleaner! So when you equal it out and not having to purchase new bottles all the time because you use the same bottle, it really is a LOT more eco friendly. You can also purchase JAWS at any of these Get Local Stores. JAWS Just Add Water System also has a LOT of great information about their cleaning products. I really liked their cleaning ability and that they are Eco Friendly as well as non-toxic. We are making the change to JAWS Just Add Water System. We are always trying to be more Eco-friendly and teaching my children to be as well.

The $19.99 Home Cleaning Kit Includes:

4 reusable spray bottles
2 cartridges each of:

* Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner
* Bathroom Cleaner/Deodorizer
* Multi-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser
* Disinfectant Degreaser

2 pouches each of:

* Indoor Floor Cleaner
* Outdoor Floor and Garage Cleaner

***The products were sent to me by JAWS however, the Review is completely my own view of the products after using them. ***

How to enter to win a 4 Pack of JAWS “Just Add Water” there is the Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner, Bathroom Deodorizer Cleaner, Multi-purpose Cleaner and the Disinfectant Cleaner Degreaser. This giveaway will End March 4th. Leave a comment below of each of the items you do on this list:

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    I wanna try JAWS because I want to use more earth friendly products.

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    i subscribe to Frugal Diva’s newsletter, and follow it religiously, btw!

    • Thank you Kim for the very sweet words. So glad that you follow religiously and look forward to the posts as much as I look forward to posting them. 🙂

      • Kim says:

        You are so welcome Debbie! It’s great to find out about ways to save as much as I can. Your bargain hunting prowess is such an inspiration to me! 😉 I’m only 23, and take after my mom in my frugal shopping, but thanks to you, I’m now the one teaching my mom how to save even more! 🙂

  5. Kim says:

    i also follow Frugal Diva on Twitter!

  6. run4joy59 says:

    I’d like to try JAWS because I am trying to find greener cleaners (wow, that should be someone’s slogan).

  7. amy says:

    I would love to try this product!! I have been a professional housekeeper and business owner for 15 years. Any ECO friendly product I can use that WORKS, I let all my clients and employees know about. I think we can all change the world, one person at a time!!

  8. Amy, I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s better for our planet. 🙂

  9. Madonna says:

    I liked Jaws on facebook

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    I would like to try the jaws system because I haven’t ever heard of it and I am always looking for the best products to clean with.

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    JAWS seems like a very green all natural product that’s safe for me and my family. That’s why I want to try it out.

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    liked jaws on Fb too.

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    Would love to try something that is eco friendly and so easy to use!

  23. Mippy says:

    I like JAWS on FB and said you sent me
    Thanks so much for the opportnity to win in this giveaway!
    ~Mippy 🙂
    bunnysmip At yahoo Dot com

  24. Mippy says:

    I like you on FB
    Thanks so much for the opportnity to win in this giveaway!
    ~Mippy 🙂
    bunnysmip At yahoo Dot com

  25. Mippy says:

    The JAWS system looks awesome and i will take up minimal space! 🙂
    Thanks so much for the opportnity to win in this giveaway!
    ~Mippy 🙂
    bunnysmip At yahoo Dot com

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    I follow via email
    Thanks so much for the opportnity to win in this giveaway!
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    JAWS products look like they are safe to use around my kids and pets.

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    I liked jaws!!

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    I < Frugal Diva Frenzy, and appreciate all you do for us!!!

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    I was to try JAWS because if YOU think its great, then I am sure it is !!

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    I subscribe to your newsletter tooo!!

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    Looking for more eco-friendly ways to save the environment! I want to try JAWS!

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    I would like to try would like to try JAWS “Just Add Water System” because it sounds very effective and environmentally friendly.

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