It’s Apple picking Time

It wasn’t long ago that I did a post about Canning and how it can save you money. Well, it’s apple picking time and you can really put those sweet treats to work for you!

The Apple Orchards are ready to start making money on all those apples that they have been growing. However, we won’t be visiting them to purchase apples. I was making some calls to see how much it was to purchase apples at some of them and I almost fell over from the pricing! Not sure they realize yet but they are apples not gold bars!

So instead we will still be doing our annual Apple picking this year as the kids just LOVE it! So instead I will be watching the free ads in the paper and I have posted a Wanted: Apples post on Freecycle so that if someone has Apples on their tree they won’t be using they can send me an email and I can set up a time to go there and pick them. I do this with a lot of different fruits that we like to pick.

If you missed How to Can, Freeze, Dry and Preserve Any Fruit or Vegetable at Home and Can canning save you money-How to stretch your grocery budget part 2 you can still read them.

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