Is Stockpiling Really saving me Money?

There are times when you see someone who has Stockpiled items of a certain product and have wondered why? What is the purpose of getting so many of one product?

There are certain items that I do stockpile. The reason behind it is usually one of several. It could be that the item doesn’t go on sale very often. We use the item a lot and it’s on sale. It’s free, which is one of my favorites I have to say. 🙂 There are also a few other reasons that I will stockpile as well but it has to make sense to stockpile it.

Such as I just stockpiled some Laundry Soap a little while ago as it’s not on sale very often and I had coupons that saved me over $30 when I purchased them. We go through a ton of laundry soap. So purchasing 12 bottles was a great stockpile for me.

However, you do have to be careful as some “deals” might sound good in theory till you get to the checkout and find it’s not a great deal after all. The loss leaders that stores have can sometimes be a good deal but at other times they are just to get you to spend more money. So be careful with them as they do this for a reason to up your grocery budget. So know what your store prices are and if it’s a good deal.

The items that I like to stockpile for our family that are free are usually, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes (if we get sick the toothbrush goes), lotion, Shampoo, Conditioner, bath soap and a few other items.

I like to also stockpile when cheap enough, Razors, hair products, laundry soap, different cereals, foods, and other items that we use on a regular basis. There is nothing worst then going to the pantry when your cooking and finding your out of what you need to make dinner.

These can be big budget savers for you. If you get the right sales, the right coupons, and I love when there is a store coupon to go with it as well. Now, the items that we don’t use a lot I don’t stockpile, I get them a few at a time. Then I know they won’t go to waste.

If you haven’t stockpiled before you will want to know what you use all the time. Then stockpile those items so that you won’t run out. Then you won’t run out say like when your in the shower and go to wash your hair, SURPRISE!! The last one in there used all the shampoo. That use to happen all the time to me, till I started to stockpile it and now, I just grab a new bottle and life is good.

Another problem might be where to put your stockpile. So be sure to think about that BEFORE you start. Make sure you have enough room for all your goodies so they have a home and the family can find them. I have very limited space in our house so I have figured out how to make the most of the space that I have. I have put in some storage containers in my bathroom window sills to make room for my stash. They are filled to the hilt with all our bathroom needs. So be sure to give this some creative thought on how your going to stockpile it.

You also want to figure out your monthly budget for grocery shopping BEFORE you start to stockpile. Be sure that it is in your budget range before you start to stockpile. That is the biggest thing that you want to keep your budget on track.

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2 Responses to Is Stockpiling Really saving me Money?

  1. Greg says:

    I stockpile pasta and chicken nuggets. That’s pretty much it.

    • I do a lot of pasta as well, as we eat a lot of it so we love to have it on hand. I also stockpile the chicken nuggets because my 4 year old is teh chicken nugget king. lol Everyone stockpiles different things that make sense for their family. 🙂

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