How to Obtain More Coupons for Free

If you have been watching the new T.V. Show Extreme couponing then you have seen some serious coupons being used at the checkouts. There have been several readers saying they would like to Obtain more coupons for their shopping needs. Maybe not as many as were used on Extreme Couponing but enough to do their normal Grocery shopping and Save.

There are many ways that you can obtain more coupons. One of the easiest ways to help the environment as well as obtain more of the coupons that you use for your family for your everyday needs is to visit your local Recycling Center for Papers. They will usually be happy to let you sift through the papers to find the coupons that your looking for. HOWEVER, you do need to keep the area clean and not allow the papers to be blowing around. What you will need to go through the papers there are:

2 Bins – 1 for the coupons you find and the other to put the papers you have gone through already so your not going through the same papers over and over again.

You can also find printable coupons at these following sites that are free to print:


* Red Plum

* Cellfire

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