How to get free Plants, Wood Chips and other Garden Needs

Do you want to have that beautiful garden that you have seen in magazines, in your neighbors yard or somewhere else? Have you been admiring some of your neighbors plants and would love to have them blooming in your yard but haven’t picked them up because of the added expense? There are ways that you can do it for free!

How to get free plants for your flower beds

Do you have Flowers that are taking over your beds from multiplying? You need to transplant them else where to make more room? Why not take some of them and trade your neighbor for some that you have had your eye on in their flower beds.

Set up a Flower Exchange with your friends, family and Neighbors. Let them know you are going to have a Flower Exchange at your house and would love for them to bring some of their extra flowers to exchange for a new variety that they would love to have in their garden. It’s free for everyone and the plants get a new home to bloom at. It’s a win/win for everyone involved.

How to get free Soil for your garden

Are you doing some work on your yard but need to add more soil to get the look your wanting? Check with your city to see if they have a free Soil area that you can load up as much soil as you need for free and make your dream yard come true.

Wood chips for your flower beds

Usually where they have the free soil they also have the free wood chips from trees that have fallen during storms they recycle them into wood chips that you can load and bring to your garden for free. You can check with your city to see if you have this resource available. If you do not ask them to start a program.

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