*HOT* Dollar General: Retro Atari Flashback 3 Only $25 And 2/$1.25 Hot Wheels Cars On Thanksgiving Day

If you remember when Atari first came out all those great games that came with it. There were some great games, Frogger, Donkey Kong, and a ton of other games that were fun to play. You can now let your child take a trip back in time and play those same games! The Atari Flashback 3 will have 60 games that are already loaded into the system. It comes with the system, two remotes and the games already installed. So you will just plug it into the T.v. and let the fun begin within minutes of opening the box. You will get this great deal for only $25 on Thanksgiving Day both in store and at Dollar General Website as well.. Don’t forget the Stocking Stuffers there are also 2/$1.25 Hot Wheels cars on Thanksgiving Day as well.

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