Honduras Cacao Chocolate Bars Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


Have you tried Honduras Cacao Chocolate Bars? They are perfect for eating or cooking with. I tried the 70% Cacao Organically made candy bar and it was just delicious. I was craving chocolate and well it was calling my name. So what can you do but unwrap it and eat some squares to quench that need for chocolate. It had a very rich chocolate flavor and even my son’s loved it when I shared some pieces with them.

I also decided that I would use it to make some delicious treats for the family as well. So I went on their website and saw recipes to make several great goodies. So I decided to make the Vegan Coconut Raspberry Rum Truffles and they were just delicious, my family just loved them. We are going to make more of them before Christmas because they were just so good. The flavors were just a perfect blend of delicious chocolate and Raspberries. I also made their recipe for the Gluten-Free Banana Fudge Bread as well and it was just delicious, my family could not tell it was gluten free. I like to change up our recipes to make all different kinds of recipes for our family and these were a huge hit with them. I plan to make the Cranberry Orange Chocolate Mousse for dessert for Christmas day. I have to say I can’t wait to try it out and see how the family likes it.

You can use the Honduras Chocolate bars to make so many different recipes. It is really a delicious treat when you use it. We loved both of the recipes that I made and I plant to make the recipes again along with a few others as I want to try the Hunduras Chocolate in a Chocolate Lava Cake for Christmas as well because I think it would be just amazing. It’s a great way to keep your family guessing on what you will make next with their delicious bars. They also offer Culinary Chocolates as well as Cacao powder, so that you can use them in your favorite recipes.

If your a chocolate lover your soon to be in pure cacao heaven with the chocolate baking items that the Honduras Chocolate Company offers. They really have an amazing selection that you won’t want to miss out on. I hadn’t heard of their company before I tried their bars but I have to say that I will continue to purchase them as they do make amazing recipes that are not difficult to make but look like you spent so much time on them. They will really impress your guests and family as well.

So if your looking for quality chocolate to bring your favorite recipes to life then Honduras chocolate is really going to be just what you would want. They have so many varieties that your sure to find just what you need. Now you can’t blame me when you become addicted to their cacao and have to have more to make your families favorite recipes.

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