Home Depot May Have Had Massive Hacking, Your Information Could Be Exposed

home depot

If you have shopped at Home Depot, your information could be at risk. It seems that Home Depot may have had their system hacked into and they may have been able to get to your personal payment information during the hacking.

Home Depot is investigating a hack that possibly exposed its customer payment information.

The company on Tuesday confirmed it has partnered with banks and law enforcement to look into “some unusual activity” relating to customers.

Independent cybersecurity journalist Brian Krebs was the first to report this, saying “a massive new batch of stolen credit and debit cards” went for sale Tuesday in the black market online.

I highly do suggest that if your making purchases at stores, restaurants, or online purchases with your credit card that you make sure you have Lifelock to protect yourself from idenity theft and protect your money as well. It’s worth the protection since many of the stores have their payment records being hacked into. I know several people who have been victim’s of the hackings and have not had it and now wish they did. Be sure to protect yourself as well as your family. If there is any activity that is questioned Lifelock will contact you right away so that your not finding out after they have already taken your money.

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