Handyman Club, I’m loving it!

A while back I posted about the Handyman club free trial. I was looking for something our men followers would love to take part in. You know more manly.

However, I have to say that I have just LOVED this club! I’m going to become a member shortly as my 30 days are almost up. I have received 2 magazines already packed with great wood working projects! I’m going to be making a few of them as they are just amazing! So I will be posting pictures of them when I finish the projects as well.

If you haven’t checked out the Handyman club as of yet. I think you may want to as it’s great! I thought that I would do the trial to see what it was like and figured no harm, no foul. However, I just really love the projects and you can get free tools to test and keep! So I’m looking forward to that as well. They have emailed me video’s on different projects as well that go along with the magazine so that you can see a pro doing it and get some great tips.

So if you love wood working your going to love this club! Try the trial, I think you will be just like me hooked! 🙂

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