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I received two pairs of pants from Haggar’s Clothing for my son. I have to say that sometimes ordering clothing online makes me a little nervous with not knowing if I’m ordering the right size. I’m sure you can relate it to having those feelings as well. However, Haggar’s made it really easy to know how to order on their site. They had an easy chart to figure out the size that my son would need in their Big and Tall section. It was an easy two clicks for the size and they were ordered! I know it couldn’t get any easier then that! I was so excited for them to arrive because I wanted to see the pants in person, because trying to find pants in the stores is really a nightmare for us. My son does not enjoy shopping and going in and out of at the minimum of 10 stores to find pants for him. So I was so hoping those days would come to an end with Haggar’s. I know that’s a lot of pressure to put on a purchase! Although, I’m sure we are not the only ones that feel this way.

When the pants arrived I literally ripped the package open because I couldn’t want to see if our shopping nightmares were coming to an end. I felt the pants material and I have to say that I loved it! It was a very nice quality material, not scratchy at all, I loved the invisible expandable waistline, I could not find one thing that I didn’t like about them. So I sent my son off to try them on, there was some grumbling of course that he had to try them on. However, I could hear him from his room when he yelled “Whoo hooo! They fit mom!” I have NEVER had my son excited over pants fitting! Seriously, I was SO excited myself, no driving all over to different stores and trying on more pants then I care to think about, no son having a fit after the 3rd store that had nothing that would fit him! OMG! our shopping for his pants just got so easy by just signing into my Haggar’s account, finding the pants he wants, selecting the size and ordering then we can just sit back and relax till they arrive in 4-5 days! WHAT! someone pinch me because I can’t believe it’s true! I could have done cartwheels down the street knowing that I didn’t have to go through the nightmare shopping trips and my son was excited over his pants. That’s an epic win for this mom! No, that’s not even close to an exaggerated statement! If you don’t believe me, we can take my son shopping for pants and you can have a first hand experience of the shopping nightmare. lol I’m more than happy to share the shopping experience with you, you may run screaming into the night after the 3rd store we go in!


The jeans fit perfectly as well! I also loved that they offered a variety of shades of the jean colors as well, so that he doesn’t look like he is wearing the same jeans everyday. I do wish that they offered a black jean color as my son really likes them. However, other then that, we loved the comfort of the way the jeans fit. The material was so comfortable to my son and he is picky about jeans! The material has a quality feel to them and the ones I chose for him were stretchy as well so that they would be more comfortable for him. He was again yelling out “MOM! They fit! I’m wearing them now!” Who is this child??? I have never seen them so excited about trying on pants and them fitting. There has always been frustration, anger, both of us annoyed, but never such excitement! We have found our go to for all his pants needs! They fit perfectly, he loves the way that they feel, fit, and he is excited to wear them!


I also love that Haggar Clothing has great deals on their clothing like for Father’s Day they are offering a great deal! You can purchase 3 pairs of pants for just $85 or 3 pairs of shorts for $55 with FREE shipping! The deal ends on 6/9 so hurry over to get your Father’s Day gifts so Dad can be as happy as my son! Trust me, he will just LOVE them! Don’t forget to use the promo code: 3FORDAD at the checkout to grab this great deal!

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