Gunapod® Premium Luxury Duvet For Baby Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


If your looking for greener products for your little bundle of joy. Then look no further then Gunamuna, they have created beautiful and comfortable Gunapod® Premium Luxury Duvet For Babies. These Gunapod® Premium Luxury Duvet are unquestionably the most luscious wearable blanket yet invented. Part of the secret? It’s superbly soft-fibered viscose fabric made from eco-friendly bamboo — a self-replenishing plant that is both plentiful and naturally harvested. Add to that it’s said to be breathable, moisture wicking + antibacterial.

When I touched the Gunapod Luxury Duvet, it was amazingly soft, I just loved the feeling of the material. I at first thought that the material was a fleece but was surprised to learn that it was actually made from bamboo. I would have thought it was made from fleece though the way it was so soft and felt against my skin. I had a feeling that my grandson was going to love the feeling of it as much as I did. That night I put it on my grandson and he started to rub it on his face. He liked the softness as much as I did.


I then put it on him and he started to cuddle up to me. I loved that if he gets warm or needs a diaper change it unzips so that you can let air in or change the diaper without any problems. It really comes in some beautiful colors as well for you to choose from. There are neutral, girls and boys colors to choose from. The colors available are really precious, and perfect for a little prince or princess. My grandson looked so adorable in the Blue and white stars Duvet, he was so comfortable and ready for relaxing. He just loved the feel of it and I loved it, he kept running his hands over it till he fell asleep.

He needed to be changed so I laid him down unzipped the bottom and changed him easily. He actually stayed asleep while I changed him. He started to wake up a little bit but rubbed his hands on the Duvet again and he was back out again. I zipped him back up and laid him back down and he was just so comfortable that he didn’t wake up. He was sleeping like a little angel, it was so sweet and so precious. He has slept so good every time we put him in the Duvet it’s his favorite cover up so far! When he out grows it I’m going to have to get him more because there are so many adorable colors and styles and he is going to need a lot more of them.

If your looking for the perfect holiday gift for a little prince or princess, I can say that Gunamuna has a great selection of Duvet’s and they are a great greener product as well. Which is important to our world and your babies skin!

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2 Responses to Gunapod® Premium Luxury Duvet For Baby Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

  1. Gunamuna says:

    WOW! Thank you for this incredible write up! We feel so honored to be featured on your #ChristmasGiftGuide .
    Sweet Dreams

    • A Mom's Paradise says:

      We are honored for the chance to review the Star Duvet for our Christmas gift guide and recommend it for all their little angels to enjoy. It is my grandson’s favorite and I have a feeling it’s going to stay that way for a long while. 🙂

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