Guest Blogger: Stockpiling Gifts to Save Money

I want to Thank Amy from Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free for being our Guest Blogger with this great post on Stockpiling.

One of the things that I like to do to help save me money (and time) is stockpile gifts. Whenever I find toys or other nice gifts on clearance I buy them and keep them in my closet. Then when my kids get invited to a birthday party or I get invited to a baby shower or any other event that I need a gift for (teacher gifts, etc) I go into my closet and look through my gift stockpile.

Another way that I save money stockpiling gifts is by using Swagbuck’s. I allow my daughter to give the gift cards I earn to her teacher’s for Christmas such as $10 Starbuck’s or $10 Barnes & Noble.

I also make Gift Baskets which I use a lot of the items I get for free in them. I find big Baskets at Garage Sales and then fill them up with different items such as Chocolate, Body Washes, Candles, and other items. People are always shocked at how many items are in the baskets and it cost me very little to make.

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