Guardian Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Card Game Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

Guardian of the Galaxy vol 2

I received the Guardian of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Card Game to review with my son’s. Now, I have to say that my son’s are Huge Guardians of the Galaxy fans. They loved both movies and Baby Groot is one of my favorites as well. I mean what’s not to love about Rocket and Groot! We loved both movies and have watched them over and over again. We are hoping there will be another one coming out as well.

We shuffled the cards so we were ready to play the game. You want to avoid getting the lowest point cards in the game. If you get a lower card value you can pass it on to another player. If you have a lower card value you will lose a battery pack. You want to make sure your cassette player is full of batteries. You also have the mix cards that will increase your score or you can take other players scores down with them as well. There are also Character cards like Rocket, Groot, and other characters as well that come with their own powers. You also have events cards as well. They will bring you to new rules of the game as you play. The lower card may lose or win a battery pack with an events card or they may have something else that may help you or help another player in the game.

The kids were having such a great time playing the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 card game. They were learning so much about the movie as well as the game at the same time. We kept playing the game and there were new twists that kept the boys wanting to play more and more. There really was nothing about the game that they didn’t like. They really loved all the different events, Characters, and they had so much fun playing. They each had a character that they wanted to be. They were so excited about playing the game.

There cousins came over and they set up the game to play with them. They are also huge Guardians of the Galaxy Fans so they were all excited. They played the game and raved about how much fun the game was and what the event cards gave them. They just had so much fun that they told my cousin that they had to get the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 card game as well. They were so cute as they were playing together, it really kept their interest, it brought them back to the movie with some of the cards that are in the game.

You can purchase the game on Amazon as well as your favorite stores as well. It’s great for any Guardians of the Galaxy fans, a Birthday or Holiday gift as well.

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