Groove Cube Shutter The World’s Smallest Bluetooth Speaker Review

Groove cube shutter

The Groove Cube Shutter the world’s smallest Bluetooth speaker. It would make a perfect stocking stuffer for kids or adults. You can connect it to any Bluetooth enabled device and start to hear your music, movie, or anything else you would like. The Groove Cube Shutter is small but don’t let it fool you, it can preform well for all your speaker needs.

I love that you can use it hands-free as well with the on-board microphone and your Bluetooth device. The Groove Cube also comes with a lanyard so that it’s easy to keep track of, and you can bring it anywhere with you. It also comes with a mini USB so you can recharge it easily. Children ages 4 and up can use the Groove Cube Shutter, so the little ones can now be like the teens! They will love that they can have their own speakers that are their own. They are small and cute but will work well for your children.

My son’s tested the Groove Cube and it’s looking like we will need a second one as they just love it! They both used the Groove Cube Shutter and my older son watched a movie with it. He loved that he could go downstairs and be by himself and enjoy the speaker while doing his thing. My other son loves to listen to music and dance around so he was thrilled that he could have his own “night club” and have fun with the Groove Cube. They just didn’t want to share it. lol Hence the need for a second one, then they will each have one and be able to play music or watch a movie when they want to. I really liked the way that they interacted with the Groove cube, it was easy for them to use, they both found something that they loved to use it for and I’m sure they will find more shortly.

I think that it is going to be a great stocking stuffer for the holiday season this year. If your kids are requesting a speaker this would be the perfect option for them. They can take it anywhere with them on the lanyard, hook up to their Bluetooth devices and it will be perfect for them. It’s going to be a hot item this holiday season so you may want to get one now so your not searching for one later.

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