Have Grilled Meats In The Winter With These Easy Tips #GrillingTips


Do you always get the winter blues? Miss having grilled summer foods in the winter? This winter make sure you cure the winter blues by having some of your favorite foods on hand. I have done this for several years now and it has worked out wonderful for our family. It’s also a great way to stock the freezer up and have some great foods at any time!

In the winter we have the cold weather but it’s perfect for cooking! In the summer it’s warm or hot depending on where you live. However, it’s the perfect grilling out weather when it’s not raining of course. However, it’s always a great to think ahead so you can also lower your grocery costs for your family as well. A lot of meats are cheaper in the summer so it’s the perfect time to stock up for the winter when prices go up on those meats.

If the meat prices have not gone down in your area they will shortly and it’s going to help your food budget. Meats are always the higher priced staples to our diets. So stocking up while they are a lower price will help you to save all year round. This week our store has Brats for $4.99 they are normally $8.99 so I purchased a number of packages, as well as hot dogs, and I found large packages of hamburger for $2.99 lb instead of the normal almost $4.20 lb. So I did stock up on them all this week and will more then likely go back and grab more before the end of the week. The brats and hamburger are normally a higher price so I will be grabbing more to put in the freezer. However, before I package them to freeze them, I will be following these tips. They work really well and if it’s raining and humid outside in the summer I can also use some of the meats so that I’m not heating up the house more.

1. Stock up on meats when they are on sale such as Hamburger, hot dogs, Brats, and other lower priced meats that are normally higher priced in the winter. Do not separate and package for the freezer yet.

2. Start the grill and start to cook most of the meats that you want to freeze for the winter. Cook one type of meat at a time so that you have all your meats ready for packaging and they are all done at the same time. This will make it easier to package them all together.

3. You will want to package as much as you will need in each package for one meal.

4. Make sure you use new marinades or spices that you have been wanting to try and label the freezer bags with the marinades you used as well.

5. You can also do combo packages of meats as well in case you have those in your family that won’t eat certain things you can have something for everyone.

This is a great way to have food stock piled for winter and have summer flavors with them as well. There are so many varieties of flavors you can have in the winter and still have all the flavor of summer. You will also have them at much better prices then you will be able to purchase them in the winter.

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