Great Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes #HalloweenCostumes

I have found a number of great last minute costumes that you can make yourself. There are a lot of great costumes you can make that do not take much time to make and your child will look great. So I have compiled a list for you so that you and your child can have a great time making a costume together. I’m still working on my son’s costumes for this weekend myself. So I know how busy parents can get but it doesn’t mean that they can’t look great for Halloween.

There really are a ton of costumes that you can make yourself easily. Everything from Princesses to Zoro. I have listed a bunch of costumes for you but if you do a search for DIY costumes that your child would like to be then you will find a lot more if we haven’t listed them here already.

* Fairy Wings Costume Pattern,No-Sew Tutu & Scarf Skirts,Ladybug Costume Pattern,Cookie Costume,and Elf Hat Pattern (almost all of these are no sew)

* Cupid Costume ( Little Sewing with needle and thread)

* Adorable Duck Costume (No Sew)

* UFO Baby

Children’s Costumes

* Buzz Lightyear (No Sew)

* TinkerBell Dress Make wings from Baby section just larger version to complete it. (No Sew)

* Spiderman

* Transformers (No Sew) If your child loves Transformers they will LOVE this!

* DJ Lance Rock Costume from Yo Gabba Gabba

* Witch, Fairy, Snow White, Miss Piggy, Big Foot, Morticia Adams,G.I. Joe, Incredible Hulk and a TON more

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