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googly eyes game

I received Googly Eyes Game to review with my family. The kids were very curious about the Googly Eyes Game and how to play it. They were very curious as to what the glasses were going to do for the game and how funny they would look with them on.

We read the instructions and we started to play Googly Eyes. We got all the pieces and board set up and then we shuffled the cards so that the game was all ready to play. Now, the object of the game is to wear the Googly Eye Glasses and then draw the picture of what the card tells you to and to have the other person guess what you drew. However, the glasses lenses make it a little more difficult to see what your drawing.

The whole family was having a great time playing Googly Eyes. You roll the dice, then move your piece, when you land on the color you choose the card that matches, then draw the picture that is stated on the card. But, you have to remember it’s not always easy depending on which lens you have in the Googly Eyes glasses. The lenses are easy to difficult to see through. So it can change the way you would normally draw. The pictures that you draw can be easier or have some difficulty depending on the lenses that you use. However, there are spaces on the board where you can choose which glasses lens you can use.

The Googly Eyes game will have you laughing as your trying to figure out what the other person is drawing. Some will have you laughing so hard as you try to guess what they are drawing. There are plenty of laughs to be had and everyone looks so funny wearing the googly eye glasses as well. It’s really such a great game to play with the kids and family. You can have so much fun. I do suggest that you go to Dollar Tree to purchase extra drawing tablets because this will be a family favorite game! You will want to play all the time. Parents you will not be bored with this game and dread playing it.

The Googly Eyes game will be one you will play all the time. It would make a great Christmas gift for any child on your shopping list. It’s also a great gift idea for birthday parties and one that the parents will thank you for over and over again! You can purchase Googly Eyes at all your favorite stores as well.

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