Good Cook: Caramel Popcorn Football Field Recipe #Recipe

Caramel Popcorn football field

Are you having a football party? This sweet treat would make a great center piece as well as treat for your guests while watching the game. It’s easy to make and will be the hit of your party. Our family had so much fun making the football field and I will show you step by step how to make it. Your sure to be asked for the recipe so that your friends can make it as well. All The cooking products that were used in this recipe are from Good Cook, they can be also found at your local Grocery and Walmart stores as well.

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Needed To Make Football Field:
28 Caramel Candy pieces
8 Cups Of Popcorn (Microwaved or air popped)
(3) Vanilla Frosting Containers of Your favorite brand
Green Food Coloring
3 tablespoons of water
Large Mixing bowl
Candy thermometer
9 X 13 Cake Pan
1 ziplock baggie

Step One: Microwave Popcorn for 8 cups or 3 bags of Microwave popcorn, I used the Kettle Corn Microwave popcorn.

Step Two: Place 28 Caramel Candy Pieces and 3 Tablespoons of Water and melt over low heat till Caramel is melted, double this if you do not want to use Frosting. If not using frosting and doubled recipe then add enough green food coloring to the caramel to make the popcorn the shade of green you want the field.

Step Three: Put 8 Cups of popcorn into a large bowl, pour Caramel mixture over the top of the Popcorn and mix it all together till all the popcorn is covered. Then Pour Popcorn into the 9 X 13 Cake pan and make the top a little flat for frosting it. As shown below.


Flip the 9 X 13 Cake Pan onto a serving tray or a plate that you want to display it on


Let the popcorn cool to the touch and then frost the Popcorn, you will want to as some of the frosting will go into the holes in the popcorn and stay there. So to make sure you have enough for the 1 and a half containers you will use to frost your Field. Start with frosting the top of your field to fill in all the wholes.


Finish frosting your football field so that it looks just like a cake


Then put white frosting into a baggie and cut off a small part of the corner to make the lines and write the numbers if you do not have a cake decorating set. So that your football field is ready to go.

Caramel Popcorn football field

I made the field goal out of 4 cups of popcorn and 28 Caramel Candies with the 3 tablespoons of Water. It stayed together for a short time but then started to lean over. I suggest that you make a different type of Goal post or get a plastic Goal post and plastic guys to place on the Field.

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  1. Debi says:

    This is perfect for hanging out watching the game. It seems like a fun snack.

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