Gluten Free RW Garcia MixtBag Tortilla Chips Review


Our family received bags of Gluten Free RW Garcia MixtBag Tortilla Chips to review. We had some friends over and had a relaxing day with the kids playing and snacking. It was so nice the kids were playing in the yard, running around and working up a need for a snack. I was prepared for snack time as well!

Before our friends arrived in a small crockpot I added mild salsa and Velveeta cheese in a small crockpot and started it on low 1 hour before our guests arrived. I put some Guacamole on a tray and placed it in the fridge so the only thing that I needed to do was bring it outside and add chips to a tray and we were set! The kids played for about an hour and a half and I brought the snack trays out to them and as soon as they seen the tray hit the table they were running for snacks. I made them each a plate and they sat and ate.

My friend and I continued chatting while we snacked as well. I didn’t tell anyone that they were eating Veggie flavored Gluten free tortilla chips as I wanted to get their opinion on them without them knowing what it was. The kids loved all the flavors but they seemed less excited about the beet flavored chips. Of course they are kids so I wasn’t to worried about them not liking the one flavor when they just loved the other flavors! They had their snack and they were off running and playing, after I asked them which chips were their favorite. They liked all the flavors, they asked if they could have more later!

While they were off playing, I showed my friend that I switched from our normal tortillas to RW Garcia MixtBag Tortilla Chips that are made with veggies and are Gluten free! She was surprised as she normally doesn’t eat Gluten free and her family does not as well. So she was shocked that she couldn’t tell the difference. She always thought that because it was Gluten free it wouldn’t taste “normal” to her. I showed her that we had Yellow/Blue corn tortilla chips, Yellow/Red corn tortilla chips, Salsa Yellow/Blue, and their new Veggie corn tortilla chips. We loved all the flavors of the chips. She was so surprised also that they were a better option then our normal tortilla chips and healthier as well since they are made with veggies.

We headed back outside by the kids and we were chatting again and found ourselves munching on more tortilla chips as well. There were so many great flavors, the chips are made with Carrot, beets, tomato, spinach & Garlic, and many other great ingredients. They were so fresh tasting, they also added so much color to our table of snacks as well. I can’t wait to make some Taco Soup to try it with a meal as well!

You can find RW Garcia MixtBag Tortilla Chips on their website or you can check for a store near you. You will be happy you did and your family will just love the Mixtbag flavors, only you need to know they are gluten free and healthier for your family.

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