Gigamons Memory Game Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


Gigamons is a new game that just came out. It really is a cute memory game, instead of the normal memory cards this game brings a little magic to the game and has some adorable characters that are used. This game puts a new twist on a matching game, it’s even a game that parents will enjoy playing.

My granddaughters and I played Gigamons together. We have played other matching games together and they really like them. I have a tendency to get bored after a while, and start thinking about all the things that I should be doing or thinking about playing another game with them. I know I’m not the only grandparent or parent that has had that glazed over expression while playing a matching game with your grandchild or child. The kids even get bored after playing a couple of times and want to run off to play something else. Who could blame us, it’s always the same thing over and over again the matches are just hidden in a different spot and that’s the only thing that changes.

So when I put the Characters together, and put the matching cards out and we started the game. I explained how to play the game to the girls and they were very excited to play and see how it went. The girls were just having so much fun trying to make matches so that they could use a magical spell on one of us and slow down our Gigamons. There was a lot of giggling and I was having fun with them as well. I wasn’t bored because there was just more to this game then just matching.


We actually played several games before we had to stop to make dinner but even then, once we were done eating we were back playing again. My youngest son even played with the girls while I was playing with my grandson. They all had a great time, usually my son will not play matching games with the girls because he says they are “Baby games and boring” but he was having fun as well. I really loved watching them play together and as they played they were not fighting about turns, who had what match and so on.

We have played the game several times and each time it has been so much fun for the kids. They continue to ask to play again and again. So it has quickly become one of our game night games that we play each week. We do play it for a while and then change it up or let the younger kids play and then the other kids play another game. It makes for a fun night and no electronics on! So it really keeps us a close nit family having game night. This game would be great for ages 6 and up but my 4 and 5 year old granddaughters really loved playing it as well. This game would make a great game for family game night, a birthday gift, or holiday gift as well.

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