Garden Voyage All Natural Soap Review #StockingStuffer

garden soap 1 final

I received Garden Voyage All Natural Soap to review. The soaps came in a variety of scents as you can see from the photo above. They are American-made soaps and crafted with the highest quality ingredients. I loved that when I opened the box that I was not over powered by the different fragrances, there was just the right amount so that you could smell the scent but it wasn’t knocking you over like some soaps do.

The soaps lather up really nice and the bars are made to last for a while instead of shrinking quickly. You can tell they are a high quality soap as they do not get the film on the bars as well when you use them. The scents are perfect when you use them as well and again are not over powering when you use the bar. My granddaughter’s just loved the soaps and the scents I let them each choose their own bar to use during bath time. My personal favorite is the Lavender, it smells wonderful and it was so relaxing for me, I like to use it before going to bed and it just helps me to distress from the day.

The Garden Voyage All Natural Soap would be a perfect stocking stuffer or perfect for a gift basket. If your having guests this holiday season it would be great in your guest bathroom as well. I really loved all the scents and how well the bars were made. They will last and leave your skin silky smooth with no film left behind. They will make a great gift this holiday season and will ship well to those who are going to be away from you for the holidays. They will just loving opening them on Christmas from you. If you would like holiday scents I just love the Peppermint soap, it would also be great to purchase the gift set with a couple of different bars with different scents for your holiday gifts.

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