Frugal Graduation, Baby Shower or other event Invitations

I found these almost two years ago when my oldest daughter was graduating from High School. They are Unique in you can use any picture that you want, and they are printed on 4X6 Photos. So you can order them when they have Prints at Walgreens or another Photo Shop when they have them for $.10 each. There are times as well that you can get pictures printed for Free as well. So keep an eye on our Freebies as if they become available I will be posting them.

If you want to make a Custom Invitation You can have it made your way with the colors that you would like for $15. They send you the finished Invitation and you just upload it to Walgreens or other Photo Sites and have as many as you would like Printed. It is well worth it to have them made. Here is the bonus value of these invitations, not only do they get an invite but they also get a picture as well. They can cut the invitation off and have the picture to keep of the event.

They do all different invitations, Birthday, Baby Shower, Graduation, Over the Hill, and many others. For the baby shower you could have the Ultra Sound Picture on one side and then the invitation. A Picture of the Mother to be or whatever you would like. Get as Creative as you would like. It’s an amazing value and they do great work as well. I got my invitations in just a couple of days!

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