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Are you wondering about some great Valentine’s Day cards for your child to give at school this Valentine’s Day? If you homeschool or online school are you thinking that you want your child to take part but aren’t sure where they can give out Valentine’s Day Cards? They can hand them out at your local nursing home to the elderly, there are a lot of residents who don’t have visitors and would love to receive a Valentine’s Day card from your child! Unfortunately, a lot of the hospitals have stopped allowing children in due to the cold and flu season and how bad it’s been this year. Please remember if your child has been sick or around someone sick have them wait till they are better before handing them out.

We have found some great and adorable Free Valentine’s Day cards for you. You can print them at home and have your child sign their name on them and they are ready to deliver for the younger grades. If the older children would like they can put who they are to and from on the cards. It’s going to be a fun and wonderful Valentine’s Day for all the kiddos!

We found some adorable Printable Valentine’s and have listed them below for you.

frozen valentine cards

* Frozen Valentine’s Cards, I mean what is not to love about Frozen Valentine Cards.


* MineCraft Valentine’s Cards are always a big hit with the boys!

Valentine's Bookmarks

* Emoji Valentine’s Bookmarks are a great idea if you would like to give the kids something that they will continue to use past Valentine’s Day.

lego valentines

* Lego Valentine’s Cards has always been a big hit with boys and girls.

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