Free bamboo Utensil Holder or salad server set

Register and they will give you a $15 credit. Go to the core bamboo sale, and you can buy anything that is $7 and below for Free. The salad server set and the utensil holder both are $7 and under They also have the cutting board pictured above for $15. You need a credit card to checkout but it won’t be charged.

Added to list of items you can get:

*12 Set of 12 Solid Waffle Dishcloths, Brick color, Tangerine, Foliage, or other colors

* Dog Toys or Scarf

* Pure Jasmine Teacups, Set of 4

* Yellow Tokyo Teapot with Infuser

* Mini Maha-Turquoise Water Bottle

I finally decided on what to order for my $15 credit. I ordered the 18″ Serving Tray, it will be great for when the kids are sick and they need everything in one easy place to grab it or for special occasions as well.

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2 Responses to Free bamboo Utensil Holder or salad server set

  1. Mippy says:

    Hmmm..I ckick on the $15 credit link and it keeps saying it is not found
    What company is this with or for, so that I might try going straight there?
    mippy 🙂

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