Free 8×8 Hard Photo Cover Photo Book Exp: 9/16 #FreePhotoBook #Gift

shutterfly photo book

It’s the perfect time to put all your pictures from your summer or back to school photos in this great 8×8 Hard Photo Cover Photo Book and get it FREE! It’s a great way to have your photos saved into a book and you can place them out on your coffee table for visitors to look at.

These books also make a great gift for Grandparents, Aunt’s, Uncles, or other family members. There are so many uses for these books. You can also use them to make a Memorial book as well for someone that you or someone you know has lost. There are so many different uses that you can use these books for. This deal is available till 9/16 when you use the promo code: FREETREAT at the checkout.

You will easily add your photos to your book and you can write what the pictures are or other information you would like. These books are so great, I just love giving them as gifts to my family. I give them out as Christmas gifts as well, so you can get a jump start on your Christmas shopping as well. You will be charged for taxes and shipping on your book.

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