Finding Dory Bubble Science Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


It’s not a surprise that they came out with a Finding Dory game. However, I was surprised that it was a science educational game. So I was very excited to play it with my granddaughter’s as they just love bubbles. So when I showed it to the girls they were excited when they saw Dory but they then noticed the bubbles then they were jumping up and down.

I took out the booklet that comes with the science game and we decided to do the bubble inside of the bubble experiment. My granddaughters said to me “Nana, do we have to go outside to play with the bubbles? I told them no we would do it in the house as it’s to cold outside today. You would have thought that it was Christmas lol They are never allowed to play with bubbles in the house so they were even more excited now. I was laughing so hard at them.

So we read the instructions first for the experiment and then the girls and I did the experiment together . They were so darn cute! My older granddaughter was able to get the bubble to go inside the other bubble with no problems. My younger granddaughter was blowing way to hard and taking her fingers and popping the bubbles. lol I was more doing it with my older granddaughter and letting my younger one have fun with us. My older granddaughter was so excited that she was able to get the bubbles to go inside of each other and that she was able to do the experiment without a lot of help from me. She called her mom and dad into the room and said “Look! Nana and I did science!” with a big smile she said “Nana, let’s do more science!” So we did another experiment and it was so great to see her learning why this was happening, she was able to do the experiments easily and the fun and laughter were just great to watch.

The Finding Dory Science game would be perfect for a holiday gift. The kids have a lot of time off of school and it’s educational as well as fun. I was surprised it really didn’t make a mess until my younger granddaughter made one. lol I think that it’s fun for adults as well as children. The laughter you will share, they will learn from the fun experiments and they will request to do more experiments as well.

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