Family in need of Frequent Flier Miles

A friend of ours is requesting Frequent Flier Miles if you are not in need of them. Evan who is a little boy who has AML Leukemia was choosen as the NARHA Rider of the Year!!!!! (North American Riding for the Handicapped Association) There are over 800 member centers and over 42,000 children and adult riders. That means Evan beat out A LOT of riders to win Child Rider of the Year! This is an awesome accomplishment for Evan, and we are all so proud of him. He will be honored at the NARHA annual conference in Denver in November.

The family has two children and both have a lot of Medical problems. Evan has AML Leukemia and Ian has GERD, dysphagia (swallowing disorder), gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying), asthma and visceral hyperalgesia (intestines). So this family has a lot of strain on them to say the least but their boys are their everything. So making this trip possible would be just so amazing. So I am taking their story to my readers to see if anyone has Frequent Flier miles they would like to donate so that Evan and the family can get to Denver.

There have been an amazing amount of hospital stays and surguries this year for both Evan and Ian. So some time away from the reality of what they endure would be so wonderful for the whole family. If you have frequent flier miles that you would like to donate please contact me at

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