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My Fairy Garden is so stinkin adorable. Your child or grandchild will just love playing with it and watching their plants grow while having fun. It’s a great way for children to learn how to garden as well as have a fun time playing with their Fairy Garden at the same time.

There are 3 different fairy gardens to choose from as well as 8 different accessories packs that can go with the Fairy Garden. They can learn what it takes to grow a beautiful garden while having fun playing with their fairies in the gardening house. I love that this is a great STEM toy for educational purposes as well as a playset for them to have fun with. It really is the best of all worlds for children. We love having educational toys for our children as well as watching them have fun while they were learning.

fairy garden

We received the Fairy Garden Playset and I was so excited to play with my granddaughter’s with it. We got our Fairy Gardens put all of our items together so the fun could begin. The girls were so excited to be able to play with the Fairy Garden and make their own garden with it. I actually went to Target and purchased 2 more Fairy Gardens so that each of my granddaughter’s would have their own Fairy Garden. So they could each have their own experiences with their fairy garden. The girls were just giggling and having a great time with putting their Fairy Garden’s together. We put our soil in our garden’s and they used the little tools to smooth out the soil. We then put our seeds in the soil and they were just in love with the little watering can that they could use to water their seeds with. When the seeds were placed they then were able to water their seeds. Then the girls started to play with their playset.

The girls were so excited to see their seeds turning into plants. They were just amazed as they grew how big they were getting. I loved their excitement and how much fun they were having from learning and playing. They were loving their Fairy Garden’s so much that we decided that they should help me plant our garden in the yard. They were so amazed that they could make their own fairy garden but that because I thought they did such a great job that they could also help with our garden. The girls decided that they should bring their Fairy Garden’s outside with us so that the fairies could help with our garden as well.

We have had so much fun learning about gardening while having so much fun with their fairies as well. The Fairy Garden would be a perfect Easter gift, birthday, or just an educational and fun way for you to have fun with your child or grandchild. You can purchase your Fairy Garden from Target, Amazon, Toys R Us, and Walmart. Make learning fun with the Fairy Gardens.

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