Make Extra Holiday Money

I know that many of you are looking for ways to make extra holiday money or money to pay bills. So I have made a list of how you can make extra money for your family. These are all legit ways that you can earn extra income to have a wonderful holiday season and you can do them all with your computer. I have done the research for you as many of you have said that your looking for ways but only find scams or your not sure if they are legit so your afraid to try them.

Working from home can be very rewarding for you and your family and you can still do it around your families schedule. School is back in and you may have more time available to you while the children are at school. You will still be able to be there for all of their events. You can do them when you have time, which is the best part.

Earn Christmas Gifts:

* Points 2 Shop is a great way to earn points towards cash or rewards that you can use for Christmas Gifts. You earn points by trying apps, taking surveys, playing games or other easy tasks. Free to join!

* iPoll will give you a FREE $5 cash in your account. How can you make extra money with iPoll? It’s very easy, if you love giving your opinions about different products and companies then you will love earning extra money with iPoll. Free to join!

* Fusion Cash will pay you by Paypal, direct deposit or check to read emails, to surf the internet and other easy tasks. They will also give you a free $5 when you sign up, be sure to check your email after signing up to confirm your account. Free to join!

* Opinion Outpost will pay you to take survey’s. Opinion Outpost conducts surveys because businesses, governments, public bodies, and similar organizations are interested in the views and attitudes of the people who use their products and services. The more they know about what customers and citizens think, the easier it is for them to improve and adapt what they supply. Take Surveys to give your opinion and shape the future. They also offer $5 Amazon and $10 cash payouts. Free to join!

* Vindale Research offers survey’s for you to take and you could make anywhere from $5 to $75 per survey! Free to join!

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4 Responses to Make Extra Holiday Money

  1. FJHS3 says:

    I recently joined the survey site you mentioned, Vindale. While they occasionally do have surveys for $5, it’s rare.
    Most of the survey offers I have been getting lately pay less than $1 and usually take 15 to 30 minutes…. I draw the line at surveys that pay less than 1 CENT per minute.

    • A Mom's Paradise says:

      I think it may also be that they feel you out to see how long your going to actually stay using them and the surveys go up.

  2. Dianna Thomas says:

    Survey, is aa great way to earn a few extra dollars I do Fusion , Inbox,memolink, and my points== sure helps at Christmas and birthdays– Six girls and a boy–it gets crazy sometimes–Thanks for your ideas <3

  3. Lauren Jarmel says:

    Great suggestions- thank you!

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