My Epic Mommy Fail And Then My Mommy Win With My Son’s CPAP Machine

CPAP machine

If you remember a short while ago my oldest son had his tonsils removed as they were obstructing his sleep. So they had to be removed to help him sleep better and a CPAP machine was required as well. It was of course our first time using the CPAP machine but we have dealt with plenty of other machines. So I set the machine up next to his bed and he was ready to use it. Well, till the machine was set to high because of his tonsils being removed. So we had that fixed and we were back to it working fine again.

Well …. that was till my mommy epic fail that is! I had the machine on the other side of the room and I was making my granddaughter a glitter tutu that she wanted! Who knew that the CPAP mask would suck up glitter like water to a sponge! So needless to say that I needed to get a new mask because his was filled with orange and purple glitter! Yep, I figured it would wash off if I soaked it but in the reality of it, the glitter was a force to be reckoned with! It would not come out no matter how much soaking and washing I did. It was so annoying! So we finally get a new mask as the glitter is just not going to be removed.

Here is where the Mommy win comes in! He slept only 4 hours with it the first night. The second night he slept 8 hours with his machine! Did I mention 8 HOURS! I know most of you are like “Okay, he slept 8 hours with his CPAP on, what is with the celebration?” My son since the day he was born has only slept about 3 hours a day, he will be 14 years old very shortly. So when I can get more then 3 hours of sleep in a day it is a Mommy WIN! I would keep waking up when I heard him stir and remind him to leave his mask on but he did it! He is much more rested today, which is another win! So it has been an EPIC Mommy win for us! We are so excited that he is sleeping much better. His brain tumor causes a lot of the lack of sleep but his obstructing does as well so between the two sleep was not our friend till now. It is great to say “Hello, old friend to my bed!” I know we are going to become great friends again and I’m so looking forward to us seeing the inside of our eyelids for longer then 3 hours!

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