EEK! Starting To Plan Our Trip To Walt Disney World For 2015 #Disneyside #Disney


Eek! I am so excited! That’s right we are planning a trip to Walt Disney World for 2015! It’s going to be a special occassion for us, we will be celebrating my son’s Make-A-Wish trip anniversary. So we will be going with my son’s, myself, their dad, and their two grandmothers this trip! It’s going to be such a magical time for everyone!

So I will be posting about our travel plans for this trip and helping you to plan your Disney trip to make it so magical as well! We are so excited but we are not telling the kids were are going because well none of us want to hear “Are we going NOW?!?!?!?” every day till we go! lol Can you blame us???? I hope your saying “NO!”, right now because my son’s can really get on a roll with the bugging you about going to something exciting!

We are going to make some amazing Disney Magic when we go. So I will be posting all the ins and outs of how to plan the trip, money saving tricks, and much more. I want to make sure that you all have as magical of a time there as we will. Yes, we will be including handicapped features as well as my older son will be going in his wheelchair when we go. So we will cover all the different aspects of making Disney magic for everyone.

So be sure to stay tuned and follow along on our Disney trip planning and on all the fun while we are making our own Disney magic! I can’t wait to share it all with you. Even the little surprises that I’m not telling anyone about till we get to the most magical place. So just remember everything is hush, hush, only you will know all of our magical plans. You can follow us on our RSS feed as well so that you won’t miss a thing! It’s located on the upper left side of the blog for you to sign up for and receive. OMG! We are going to Magic Kingdom! I think you may hear me saying is it time to go yet!!!!! lol

I have LOVED all things Disney for my whole life from my first visit to Walt Disney World, I have been a fan of all things Disney! I just am so excited….Does it show??? lol There will be more information coming soon on how to plan your trip as well. I look forward to sharing all of our details with you during our planning, during and after our trip.

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